In Review: Sheena Queen Of The Jungle #0

This is a nice jump on point for anyone. Myself included that wishes to sample Sheena in her comic book adventures.

Synopsis: In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, SHEENA, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon’s most ancient secrets.

Review: This is a nice jump on point for anyone. Myself included that wishes to sample Sheena in her comic book adventures.

Written by Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo. This introductory issue to what is a reinvention of Sheena tells a fairly simple story, which is aided by the stunning visuals of artist Moritat Genre.

The issue sees Sheena having to chase down a drone, which she sees as an outsider, but things get somewhat complicated when she has to step onto sacred ground in order to retrieve the drone, which she refers to as a flying turtle.

Up until reading this introductory comic. My only experience of Sheena was the 1984 movie, which starred Tanya Roberts and the somewhat mediocre television outing from 2000, which starred Gena Lee Nolan formerly of Baywatch.

Although a relatively simple opening story. The issue does close on a cliffhanger that has me wanting to return for the next issue, which will hit in September.

The art and visuals are absolutely stunning. The drawing of Sheena is beautiful and the small details such as the camera that she encounters while searching for the drone are brilliant.

I particularly enjoyed how Bennett and Trujillo managed to convey the sense of difference by having Sheena speak in a sort of broken English.

I also enjoyed the Jungle style words that she used for outsiders and her sense of trepidation upon entering sacred ground.

Page 4 of this first issue is beautiful and gives us a full look at Sheena looking very powerful with a bird flying just above her head. The image is about as in your face as it gets. But very effective and well used in conveying Sheena and the level of responsibility that she feels toward protecting her land.

Looking forward to issue one in September, but for now. This is a great start.

Sheena #0
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