Jen finds herself in trouble with the law and struggles to pick up the pieces of her life.

Synopsis: In Whose Show Is This, Jen finds herself in trouble with the law and struggles to pick up the pieces of her life.


The Story

Having been arrested in last week’s show for reacting to Intelligencia’s slander campaign against her. Jen is soon released from prison on the proviso that she wears an inhibitor at all times, which means she cannot transform into She-Hulk. Jen is also forced to return to her parent’s place and the family home that she grew up in due to the fact that she has been financially and materially wiped out by the legal fees.

With a little pro bono help from her friends and family. Jen proceeds to open her own investigation to find out who is behind Intelligencia and close them down in the hopes that she can get her life back. As the investigation progresses. Jen learns that Tod was behind it all and gatecrashes one of his meetings to find out that every conceivable superhero and villain has turned up. Unhappy with how her show is ending. Jen rips off the inhibitor and pays Marvel Studios a visit in a very meta sequence that sees She-Hulk getting the ending that she wants.


The Acting

This is a tough call as everyone did brilliant work in this episode. I mean just keeping a straight face with all the outrageous crap that was happening would be a hard enough challenge on its own. Tatiana Maslany’s conversation with the head producer Kevin, which turns out to be an A.I. and not Kevin Feige is done really well. It’s a fun comment on how formulaic these shows are, but also a demonstration via She-Hulk of how they can be changed by bending a few rules here and there.

I also don’t know how Jon Bass maintained a straight face when Tod transformed into his version of a hulk after injecting himself with She-Hulk’s blood. I mean I’d likely have been in uncontrollable hysterics had I been asked to play that scene.



This was a really playful and fun season finale for She-Hulk. There was a lot to like. I loved the opening credit sequence in which we get a loving homage to the Kenneth Johnson-produced Incredible Hulk series of the 1970s and 80s, which is still arguably the best portrayal of the big Green one in spite of its deviations from the comic books. I also loved all the meta stuff where the fourth wall is broken to convey certain points and have fun.

Overall. This is a great conclusion for this first series, but also works as a finale should Disney opt not to make any more of this.

SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW (S1 – EP9) Whose Show Is This?
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