In Review: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (S1 – EP6) Just Jen

Jen is a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, a stressful event compounded by uniquely She-Hulk issues.

Synopsis: Jen is a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, a stressful event compounded by uniquely She-Hulk issues. Meanwhile, Mallory Book and Nikki represent a superpowered Polygamist.


The Story

Jen is a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding and naturally, she turns up as She-Hulk, which upsets her friend because she feels downstaged. So it is agreed that Jen attends as just Jen. However, things get a touch awkward when Titania turns up and seems to be spoiling for a fight. 

Meanwhile, back at the Law Company. Mallory Book and Nikki take over Jen’s caseload and wind up representing Mr. Immortal who is a superpowered polygamist who has had 8 wives who are all seeking reparations. Turns out that Mr. Immortal has been getting married, faking his death to get around the legal bit, and moving on to another wife. The case proves to be a bit of a headache for Mallory, but thanks to Nikki’s unconventional approach a settlement is decided. 


The Acting

Tatiana Maslany once again shows off her comedic acting muscles and potentially demonstrates why she was chosen for the duel role of She-Hulk and Jen Walters. As she successfully gives us a rather insecure Jen who is not at all at home dressed to the nines at a wedding. But also brings the contrast to the more confident version of Jen in She-Hulk. The scenes of Jen getting very drunk, and dancing followed by the start of the fight between She-Hulk and Titania are loads of fun.

We also get solid performances from Ginger Gonzaga and Renée Elise Goldsberry as Nikki and Mallory have a harried time dealing with Mr. Immortal’s 8 wives. The scene where Nikki pretty much figures out the settlement with the 8 wives is fun. David Pasquesi proves to be perfectly cast as Mr. Immortal.



Another fun episode that explores the legal system as it is adapted for superpowered beings. Though I think I found the B- Story with Nikki and Mallory a little more fun than the wedding. We also get a bit of a glimpse at the story arc as Nikki and Mallory happen upon a website community of people wanting to kill She-Hulk. Hopefully, this storyline will get a bit more revealed in the weeks ahead.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (S1 - EP6) Just Jen
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