It’s the final showdown! Sharkey faces off against rogue bounty hunters to seize Edra Deering and reclaim his snow-cone spaceship.

Synopsis: It’s the final showdown! Sharkey faces off against rogue bounty hunters to seize Edra Deering and reclaim his snow-cone spaceship. Where will his next hunt take him, and what will become of Extra-Billy once the mission ends?

Review: The much anticipated final issue of Mark Millar’s Space Opera wouldn’t look out of place on most people’s shelves, but does it deliver?

The Story

With much of the build-up to this final issue already done. It is just a matter of Sharkey and his friends executing their cunning plan to save Edra Deering and make sure Pinto Khan faces justice. And what a clever plan it is too.

Basically this final issue wraps things up nicely and leaves things open for further adventures down the line.

The Artwork

Simone Bianchi produces some awesome pages for this issue. My favorite couple of pages have to be the image of the massive spaceship gliding through space on page 5. This image is doubly impressive knowing that Extra Billy is at the controls. But its also an image that plays a key role in Sharkey’s rather crafty plan.

I also loved the panel on page 11, which sees Sharkey partially in shadow as he ruthlessly takes down his bounty.


This is an awesome final issue for Sharkey The Bounty Hunter. I loved the final battle and how it all played out. But it is the final few pages that solidify why I’ve enjoyed this series.

In short, it is the relationship between Sharkey and Extra Billy. We get an awesome final few pages as the two say their goodbyes and even I was a bit teary-eyed because I could so relate to Extra Billy looking up to Sharkey and naturally wanting to go with him.

I also loved the fact that Extra Billy was behind the controls of the massive spaceship at such a vital point in the story’s plot.

This book is brilliantly written and I am so going to buy the trade when it comes out. It has to be one of Mark Millar’s best creations. And I sincerely hope it translates well to a TV series or movie when Netflix finally gets around to it. But who could they cast as Extra Billy?

So. Did this final issue deliver? Hell yeah… and then some.

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