Our heroes are stranded—their ship missing and their bounty robbed.

Synopsis: Our heroes are stranded—their ship missing and their bounty robbed. What do The United Worlds have in store for Edra Deering, and how will Sharkey and Extra-Billy get out of this mess?

Review: The penultimate issue sees Sharkey and his friends in a rather precarious position. As we begin to see the pieces fall into place for the finale in the next issue.

The Story

Continuing from last month. Sharkey, Extra-Billy and Miss Cade have been left stranded on a planet, but do have a little hope in the form of a cloaked ship, but the problem of finding it is proving to be a bit of annoyance.

Meanwhile on The United Worlds Vessel. Edra Deering is about to be executed by a corrupt system. Will Sharkey and his friends be able to find a way to rescue her and restore some semblance of justice to their galaxy?


Simone Bianchi gets a lot to play with this issue as we see a series of fun panels on the planet where Sharkey and his friends have been left. Pages 4 and 5 provide a fun little series of panels in which Extra-Billy is expressing concern for Miss Cade’s safety because she has gone off on her own to find the hidden ship. Sharkey points out that Miss Cade is perfectly able to defend herself from pretty much anything that crosses her path. Which is something we all witness on page 5.

Also, page 11 presents us with a huge arena on the United Worlds Space Ship in which we see a good old fashioned Guillotine, which is the tool for Edra Deering’s pending execution. This is a rather ominous image.


This penultimate issue is a really satisfying read. I continue to enjoy the banter between the various characters and we learn something about Sharkey’s past in this issue thanks to a rather intrusive line of questioning from Extra-Billy. I also thought it was funny how Extra-Billy puts the blame on Sharkey for having been successful in tracking Edra Deering down.

Overall. A fabulous issue, which sets things up wonderfully for next months finale.

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