With the fugitive finally captured, Sharkey sets course to claim his fee.

Synopsis: With the fugitive finally captured, Sharkey sets course to claim his fee. But his rivals know the universe’s most-wanted terrorist is on Sharkey’s ship, and they won’t give up that prized bounty without a fight.

Review: Mark Millar ups the story pacing in this four issue of Sharkey, which adds a touch of the conspiracy theory to proceedings.

The Story

Sharkey and Juda have just about managed to capture Edra Deering. The Galaxy’s most dangerous criminal, but they soon learn that things are not as black and white as they have been led to believe. Edra is carrying some very important information on her person, which contains a conspiracy that would make David Icke blush.

Now our two bounty hunters have a decision to make, but also have to deal with their rivals as well.


With Sharkey. Mark Millar has created a science fiction world, which is every bit as interesting from a visual point of view than films like Star Wars and Blade Runner. And he chose a great artist in the form of Simone Bianchi to bring it all to life.

The spaceships and various aliens look fantastic and suck you into the world from the very first page you read. I’ve only managed to read 3 out of the 4 issues that have been released to date and all of them have been a fun ride. In the kind of science fiction world that I have enjoyed since I was 7 when I first saw Star Wars.

It’s pretty difficult to choose a single panel in this issue because all of them were superb.


This was another great issue, which left a few characters in a standoff toward the close of the issue. I loved the whole Government conspiracy plot, which is likely to make Sharkey into more of a reluctant anti-hero as the story progresses. I can almost hear the voice of actor Paul Darrow from Blake’s 7 for some weird reason.

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