In Review: Shang-Chi (2021-) #7 WHO WAS SHANG-CHI’S MOTHER?

Arrows will definitely fly when we flashback to the first meeting of Shang-Chi’s parents!

Synopsis: WHO WAS SHANG-CHI’S MOTHER? Arrows will definitely fly when we flashback to the first meeting of Shang-Chi’s parents! Who was Shang-Chi’s mother? And how did someone so virtuous and heroic fall for an evil warlord like Zheng Zu? Plus, in the present, the tides begin to turn against Shang-Chi, as the mastermind gathering all of his foes stands revealed!


The Story

Having taken on pretty much every Avenger in previous issues. Shang-Chi must now deal with trouble closer to home. As his Sister Zhilan, Red Dot and a few other enemies join forces against him. While hearing the story of how his mother met his father. Shang Chi is unaware that his enemies are gathering under the leadership of his Grandfather, Xin.


The Artwork

Dike Ruan gets to show off a bit of versatility in this issue as he draws Shang-Chi’s mother’s homeland of Ta Lo, which is in another dimension. We get to see how Shang-Chi’s mother become a leader within the Qilin Riders and how she subsequently met Shang-Chi’s father Zheng Zu. It’s all beautifully drawn and I particularly enjoyed the panels where we see the Qilin Riders doing their thing.

The final few pages are epic. And the reveal of Xin at the end is fantastically drawn to look as threatening and as imposing as possible.



This is a pretty decent issue, which gives an alternative origin story for Shang-Chi as well as an alternate take on how Zheng Zu met Shang-Chi’s mother. I really enjoyed the artwork that was drawn of Ta Lo as well as the various action beats that take place there. The panels where Ying li is telling Shang-Chi about how she met his father are well written and draw you into the story.

Overall. A really cool issue, which introduces a few new threats to the series.

Shang-Chi (2021-) #7 WHO WAS SHANG-CHI’S MOTHER?
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