In Review: Shang-Chi (2021-) #5 MEET THE NEW IRON MAN…SHANG-CHI?!


Synopsis: MEET THE NEW IRON MAN…SHANG-CHI?! A weapons dealer offers up a stolen Iron Man suit to Shang-Chi’s organization. But will Shang-Chi take it to use in his war against crime? And what will Tony Stark have to say about it?!


The Story

When an arms dealer called Red Dot tries to sell an Iron Man suit to the Five Weapons Society. Its new leader Shang-Chi detains him and his men in order to find out how they came to possess the suit. But when Iron Man comes crashing through the window of Shang-Chi’s HQ. It’s up to Shang-Chi to prove that his society is not responsible for stealing the suit. But things are not what they appear to be.


The Artwork

Dike Ruan gets to have a lot of fun with this issue. As not only does he get to draw an awesome fight between Shang-Chi and Iron Man. But he also gets to draw some cool weapons that Red Dot’s people get to use. I mean a machine gun instead of a person’s arm and an eyepiece that fires projectiles. It doesn’t get much more comic book than that.

However, seeing Iron Man crash through a window and take on Shang-Chi is perhaps the most memorable image that I take away from this issue.



A rather simple story, which finally gives us a bit of a reason for why Shang-Chi seems to be having these run-ins with Avengers. But we also get some interesting backstory about Shang-Chi’s mother who he rescued from a negative dimension a few issues back.

There is a much bigger story that is slowly being unfolded here. Part of it is the concern that the Avengers have about Shang-Chi and his place as leader of the Five Weapons Society. The other part is another group that wants Shang-Chi and everything to do with The Five Weapons Society wiped off the face of the earth.

I can’t wait to see where all this goes in the next issue. Which will see Shang-Chi go up against Thor.

Shang-Chi (2021-) #5 MEET THE NEW IRON MAN...SHANG-CHI?!
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