In Review: Shang-Chi (2021-) #4 SHANG-CHI VS. THE FANTASTIC FOUR!

Someone has been sending Shang-Chi strange messages in his dreams…

Synopsis: SHANG-CHI VS. THE FANTASTIC FOUR! Someone has been sending Shang-Chi strange messages in his dreams…and the messages seem to be coming from the Negative Zone! But who is sending him these messages? And what do they mean? And why are the Fantastic Four standing in his way?


The Story

When Shang-Chi believes himself to be dreaming of his lost sister. Sister Hammer. He seeks the advice of the mystic of the Five Weapons Society who tells him he is dreaming of the Negative Zone. Upon learning this. Shang-Chi places a call to his old mate Reed Richard of the Fantastic Four. But Reed refuses to help on account that he cannot be seen to be helping The Five Weapons society. So, Shang-Chi gets his crew together and breaks into Reed Richard’s laboratory in order to hitch a ride to the Negative Zone and find his sister. However, all is not as it seems.


The Artwork

Dike Ruan gets to draw the Negative Zone, which has a lot of psychedelic and spooky stuff going on. As well as dragons and insects, which make for a fairly important plot point. We also get to see Ruan’s take on the Fantastic Four as they return to find Shang-Chi and his team in the act of breaking and entering.

Much like the last issue. Ruan gets to do a lot of fun stuff, which includes Shang-Chi finding one of Ben Grimm’s pressure points.



Gene Luen Yang continues to have a lot of fun by having Shang-Chi and his family meet up with other members of the Marvel Universe. Only this time out it is kind of family meeting family. As Shang-Chi’s Five Weapons Society meets up with Marvel’s first family. The Fantastic Four. We get a nice handoff and connection to the next issue at the close where Reed Richards places a call to Captain America. So, next month Shang-Chi will seemingly meet Iron Man as a result of this phone call. I look forward to seeing how all that pans out.

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