In Review: Shang-Chi (2020) #3 (of 5)


Synopsis: DEADLY FAMILY REUNION! Shang-Chi gets to know the family he never knew he had…But which of his siblings can he trust, and which are trying to kill him? Plus, witness the horrifying origin of Shang-Chi’s father!


The Story

Having barely escaped from Sister Hammer’s Zombies in the last issue. Shang-Chi is given time to rest and get to know his brother and sister. Furthermore, he seems to have won the trust of his brother but has a little work to do in order to win over Sister Dagger. Added to Shang-Chi’s troubles and his reluctance to take on the mantle of brother hand. He is still carrying a wound given to him by Sister Hammer’s Zombie’s and he is still seeing the spirit form of his father Zheng Zu.

Things get interesting when Sister Hammer stages an attack on the Louvre art museum in Paris.


The Artwork

Dike Ruan and Philip Tan are proving to be a brilliant art team for this book. We get some great action sequences. We get a great sequence at the start of the book where Gene Luen Yang fills us on more backstory with regards to Zheng Zu and the history of the Five Weapons Society and how it came into being as part of the boxer rebellion. The artwork that depicts this history is superb.



Gene Luen Yang continues to both entertain and educate with this story. I’m pretty sure that some readers will likely go out of their way to read a little more about the Boxer Rebellion for some added context. I’m really enjoying the combined usage of martial arts and ancient mysticism. Additionally, the twist concerning Shang-Chi and his wound from the previous encounter with Sister Hammer’s Zombies is making things rather interesting.

Overall. This book continues to entertain with his well-drawn characters and solid martial arts style story. I now wait with anticipation for issue 4, which will conclude this story.


You can get a hold of this copy of Sheng-Chi and all back issues at ComiXology.

Shang-Chi (2020) #3 (of 5)
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