In Review: Shadecraft #4

Zadie discovers the truth about Shadecraft and what happened to her brother Ricky a year ago.

Synopsis: In the penultimate issue of Shadecraft. Zadie discovers the truth about Shadecraft and what happened to her brother Ricky a year ago. Can Zadie pull off a desperate gambit to get her brother back? And does he even WANT to come back??


The Story

Having learned to use her shadow powers in the last issue. Zadie is told by Angela Owens that she needs to let the shadow version of Ricky go. Indeed, this is a tough decision for Zadie to make given that her brother has been in a coma for a year. However, Shadow Ricky sort of makes the decision for Zadie and agrees to go with Angela. But things are not as they seem.

As she gets home. Zadie learns that her mum and dad have had Ricky moved to another hospital. This news causes a bit of a row between Zadie and her mother, which escalates and reveals that Zadie is not the only person in her family that can use shadecraft. Realizing that she has made an awful mistake in letting Shadow Ricky go with Angela. Zadie and her mother set about getting him back.



Antonio Fabela and Lee Garbett continue with the fantastic visuals as we learn a little more about Zadie’s story. The panels where Zadie and her mother argue are wonderfully done. Especially the moment where we learn that Zadie’s mum also has shadow powers. Also, the panels in which Zadie’s mum tells her about her past working for the FBI and Angela Owens were great.



A fantastic penultimate issue, which raises the personal stakes for Zadie and her mum as they work together to get Ricky’s Shadow back. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the final issue, which drops next month. I’ll be particularly interested in finding out if Zadie and her mother are able to reunite Ricky’s shadow with his comatose body. That is of course assuming that his body is in the same complex.

Overall. A fun penultimate issue.

Shadecraft #4
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