In Review: Shadecraft #2

As if surviving high school wasn’t hard enough, now Zadie has to contend with killer shadow monsters too.

Synopsis: In this month’s Shadecraft. As if surviving high school wasn’t hard enough, now Zadie has to contend with killer shadow monsters too. On the upside, her own shadow has come to life and is determined to protect her. So that should even things out…right? But what is up with the new school guidance counselor, who seems to know a lot more than she lets on??


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Zadie has learned that her brother has manifested as a shadow and is protecting her. As she returns to school she has an encounter with a couple of the people that bullied her in the last issue. It turns out that their engagement with Zadie trended well for them on social media. And they are looking for more hits. Thankfully this time out. Zadie’s shadow is on hand to help her make a fool out of them.

As the day continues. Zadie is called in by the school counselor who is looking to help her with her various issues. However, nothing is as it seems and Zadie gets a bit concerned when her shadow tells her that this new Counsellor has a gun in her desk draw.


The Artwork

Shadecraft continues to hit a grand slam when it comes to the artwork. The drawing from Antonio Fabela and Lee Garbett is absolutely awesome and the colourwork is brilliant. I particularly enjoyed the panels where Zadie is been hassled by the two bullies and her Shadow gets behind one of them and makes it look like she has a tail. Also, the part where the shadow is giving Zadie’s Counsellor glasses was also fun.



Joe Henderson has come up with a neat story idea for this book, which I continue to enjoy. I love the idea of a person’s shadow being able to separate from them when they are in a coma. And also love the mystery surrounding why it has happened and how that will most likely tie into the shadows that have been attacking Zadie.

Overall. A pretty strong second issue.

Shadecraft #2
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