In Review: Seven Swords #3

The swashbucklers take to the high seas and D’Artagnan is grudgingly forced to play captain to his motley crew of sword-masters.

Synopsis: This month in Seven Swords. The swashbucklers take to the high seas and D’Artagnan is grudgingly forced to play captain to his motley crew of sword-masters.

They must all hold fast if they have any hope of braving pirate-infested waters, storming the literal Bastille and rescuing the Man in the Iron Mask, a mysterious prisoner who apparently plays a key role in Cardinal Richelieu’s grand plan.


The Story


Having been captured by the Spanish in the last issue thanks to Don Juan’s transgressions. The newly formed team of swashbucklers finds themselves on trial. Furthermore, Don Juan is threatened with castration for attempting to defile the Princess. Thankfully, D’Artagnan is well versed in the political situation in Spain. Something, which serves him well. Especially given the fact that the Spanish Royal Court shares D’Artagnan’s disdain for Cardinal Richelieu. To that end. Spain gifts D’Artagnan and his team a ship, which is then used to recruit one more person before journeying to The Bastille to rescue the mysterious prisoner in the iron mask. Whois is supposedly a key element in Richelieu’s plans.


The Artwork

Riccardo Latinacontinues to draw some awesome pages for this book. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of panels where D’Artagnan’s ship attacks the Bastille and the gang storms in to find that someone has got there before them. Additionally, the expression on Don Juan’s face when he is threatened with castration is priceless.



Evan Daugherty continues to provide us with a rip-roaring adventure story. I loved the banter at the start of the issue in which D’Artagnan and the gang is on trial. Don Juan’s reaction to his fate and the reaction of his comrades is a lot of fun. Indeed, Dougherty strikes a nice balance between humor and drama throughout the pages of this book. He also picks up on a few things that started out in the last issue. For example, Sister Catalina’s attraction to D’Artagnan gets questioned by La Maupin.

Overall. A fantastic issue that introduces Captain Blood and The Man in The Iron Mask. I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Seven Swords #3
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