In Review: Serial Box: The Haunting of Beatrix Greene, Chapter 4

As the ghost’s intentions become clear, a treasure hunt begins.
Beatrix Greene

Synopsis: The Haunting of Beatrix Greene continues in “Wherein a Ghost Forces Beatrix to Reveal the Truth” by Vicky Alvear Shecter.

As the ghost’s intentions become clear, a treasure hunt begins. Beatrix and James find that being trapped together has a certain appeal.

Review: To start, I take back my previous comments on pacing. The release schedule and these first four chapters have been exactly what the story requires. What’s more, this most recent chapter is a near-perfect blend of ghostly haunting and character beats.


Picking the story up from last week, I really appreciate how the authors use dual narration to move the plot along. The leads’ perspectives don’t tediously overlap, even when they’re constantly together. Vicky Alvear Shecter varies the structure of the narration particularly effectively in this chapter.

Additionally, I appreciate how unapologetically and organically Shecter splits up the characters. In effect, this creates space for a two-hander mini-play. This, in turn, maximizes the impact of the character beats.

Those beats fall into two categories. First, listeners get more of James’ deeply wistful backstory. Just as important, however, listeners get even more unsettling details about Ashbury Manor itself. I absolutely love the collision of time periods that this exposition foreshadows.

Following up on that, however, the listeners who are tracking the central romance are finally rewarded. Moreover, Beatrix and James only go as far as four chapters allow, so listeners won’t complain about pacing issues there either.

The context of their first clinch is more important than the pacing, though. Shecter expertly blends a surprising etherial haunting with the not surprising earthly attraction. As a result, listeners realize this is exactly how and where Beatrix and James would first express their feelings.


Shiromi Arserio and Alister Austin continue to impress. I especially like how they balance the leads’ multiple, sometimes conflicting, emotions.


“Wherein a Ghost Forces Beatrix to Reveal the Truth” is the strongest chapter so far. I can’t wait to hear how the foreshadowing and foreplay pay off.


You can purchase The Haunting of Beatrix Greene here.

Serial Box: The Haunting of Beatrix Greene, Chapter 4
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