In Review: Serial Box: Gods & Lies, Season 2

A priestess of justice and a disgraced demigod investigate a grisly murder that threatens to throw the uneasy balance between gods and mortals into chaos.

Synopsis: Elizabeth Vail returns to her marvelous mythic noir universe for Gods & Lies, Season 2. 

A priestess of justice and a disgraced demigod investigate a grisly murder that threatens to throw the uneasy balance between gods and mortals into chaos.

Review: I love this follow up to the first season. Vail expands her universe of Nexos in surprising, yet internally consistent ways. She also allows Iris and Andy room for organic growth. All the while, the mystery unfolds over seven well-paced episodes.


The Story

The mystery must remain a mystery. Therefore, I’ll keep this review as spoiler-free as possible.

The story picks up six months after the events of the first season. However, Vail doesn’t randomly begin the new who-done-it. She deftly uses Andy’s status at the end of the first tale as a springboard for the second.

In the process, Vail makes some bold moves. First, she constructs a plot that allows a divine being to be murdered. Nexos is driven by Greco Roman internal logic, not Norse. As a result, Vail has to get creative.

Second, she takes a deep dive into pantheon psychology that would make Neil Gaiman proud. Listeners get a front row seat to the long term strains upon demigods and others of unconventional heritage.

To that end, Vail introduces wonderful new characters. First, listeners meet Celebine, Goddess of Revels. She’s Bacchus dialed up to 11, and I hope we meet her again. Her peacock drink servers are worth the price alone.

Of course, you can’t have revels without hangovers. Consequently, Elbada, Goddess of Rue and Regret must enter the scene. She’s Celebine’s daughter. Unfortunately, I can’t say more than that without spoiling her arc.

Finally, there’s Banrux, God of the Tempest. He’s the perfect foil for Andy and Iris.

As for our dynamic duo, Vail throws Andy and Iris in the deep end. Their fates are literally linked.


The Narration

Narrators Cary Hite and Sarah Mollo-Christensen do s superb job of alternating the narration. Moreover, they excel at playing the leads’ layered relationship in ways that surely set up future seasons.



Thank you, Elizabeth Vail. Thank you, Serial Box. I can’t wait for Gods & Lies, Season 3!


  • You can buy Gods & Lies, Season 2 here.
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Serial Box: Gods & Lies, Season 2
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