In Review: Secret Weapons #2

Livewire and her quirky band of misfits fight to stay alive.

Synopsis: Livewire continues to search for the psiots that Toyo abandoned in an effort to save them from a killing machine. While Livewire attempts to uncover the origins of Rex-O through the dark web, Nikki and Owen also search for answers by enlisting the aid of Cheapjack. With the clues coming together, the trio must spring into action to save another psiot who is on their enemy’s hit list. And though they may have a common threat, the group may not be a united front.

Review: What really works for Secret Weapons #2 are the exploration of the group dynamics. Both Livewire and Nikki are seasoned and strong characters who seem confident in the face of adversity. Owen seems less sure of himself, but he is still willing to work within the group. It is the addition of Avichal that emphasizes the following statement: this ain’t the Unity team. Secret Weapons isn’t just about consequences and repercussions. It is a story about people. All superhero teams have their interpersonal issues, but these young people, who were deemed failures, must find a way to overcome that label. I think the most interesting things about that goal is that it can be achieved through different ways. Avichal asserting his priorities is a smart way to highlight this idea.

The art continues to be the perfect fit into issue #2. It remains realistic with a touch of the idiosyncratic. The use of panel layout for this issue is a blast. It frames both the action and slower moments perfectly. The layouts visually remind us that these people are important regardless of how useful their abilities are in the field. These characters have wants, desires, and struggles. Framing a book this way can come across as tedious to read, but the flow of issue makes it a breeze.

Secret Weapons is shaping up to be a great addition into the Harbinger mythos. This is a story that wouldn’t necessarily fit into the main line, but SW still stands as an engaging and personal story on par Peter and the exploits of the Renegades.

Secret Weapons #2
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