In Review: Secret Weapons #0 Owen

The power of vignettes compels you.

Synopsis: Owen Cho has always seen his psiot ability as a useless curse. Yes, he can conjure objects out of nowhere, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what materializes. This is compounded by the fact that he was sent to the Willows. A place where Toyo Harada sends all of this rejected psiots when their abilities show no practical benefit for his army. It isn’t until he meets a fortune-teller that Owen begins to contemplate if his powers can be controlled, and what purpose do they serve. The young psiot begins to realize that his powers may be a powerful asset.

Review: When it comes to the Secret Weapons series, slice of life is their bailiwick. The ability to take and make the mundane just as interesting as the supernatural takes a keen eye. Every page of Owen’s story adds a piece to the overall puzzle. Each story is a vignette that showcases who Owen is as a person, and how his apparently random power alters his perception of himself and his self-worth. He is down on his luck, struggling to see where he fits in, but when it comes down to the wire, Owen’s bravery and abilities often tip the balance. By the time we have reached the end of the issue, the idea that there is a guiding principle behind this character is firmly established.

For a character whose powers are the definition of chaotic, there is a comforting uniformity to the panel layout. This is not new for the series, yet here it demonstrates a sense of order. The idiom “method to the madness” rings true here. Each installment of the issue is flanked by two price tags. This is the visual reminder the reader of the narrative device in an organic way. It also gives a solid foundation to the sometimes zany, sometimes serious, dealings of Owen’s life. A great way to fully encapsulate the premise of the story.

Secret Weapons continues to demonstrate that the island of misfit psiots are one of the best parts of the Valiant Universe, and this issue, like the issues before it, proves to be well worth the wait.

Secret Weapons #0 Owen
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