In Review: Secret Invasion (S1 – EP6) – Home

All hope for humanity rests on Fury's shoulders. 

Synopsis: In the final episode titled Home. With the world on the edges of war with the Skrulls. All hope for humanity rests on Fury’s shoulders.


The Story

Having obtained The Harvest in last week’s penultimate episode. Fury heads for Russia and a meeting with Gravik to hand over the Harvest. As he arrives he is seemingly struggling with radiation sickness. The meeting with Gravik has a few surprises in store as nothing is what it seems. But most fans will likely guess or figure out what is going on before it happens.

Meanwhile, in the USA Colonel is pushing President Ritson to launch an attack on Russia and the Skrulls. But he is hesitant to do so because he does not want to start a war. Elsewhere in the hospital Sonya Falsworth and her team are preparing to stop the president from making any rash decisions.

In Russia, Fury hands over the Harvest to Gravik and then shapeshifts into G’iah and a massive fight breaks out between the two skrulls.


The Acting

Samuel L. Jackson and Kingsley Ben-Adir have a pretty intense scene as both Fury (Who is really G’iah) and Gravik have their reckoning. The two actors do some pretty good work with the material they are given as these scenes are building up to what is supposed to be a surprising reveal.

In contrast. The scenes between Dermot Mulroney, Don Cheadle, and Olivia Colman as President Ritson, Colonel Rhodes, and Sonya Falsworth prove to be more entertaining and have a lot more tension to them. As we can’t tell what way the President is going to go. Will he let the attack go forward or will he pull the plug?



This finale felt kind of rushed to me. Sure we get a great fight sequence in which we see Gravic and G’iah have a battle royale with their newly acquired powers from The Harvest. The resolution to the episode doesn’t really resolve anything. The threat from Gravik is ended. But that doesn’t end the threat from any other Skrulls getting similar ideas into their heads, which is likely to happen given that Ritson winds up overplaying his hand by the end of the episode, which could potentially build to a much worse situation.  In short. The story doesn’t really resolve, but instead builds on a premise for another season.

There wasn’t really any point in this Home that I felt surprised by any of the reveals.

Overall. This for me has probably been the weakest of the Marvel series.

Secret Invasion (S1 - EP6) - Home
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