In Review: Secret Invasion (S1 – EP5) – Harvest

Fury gathers his allies.

Synopsis: In Harvest, Fury gathers his allies. Gravik deals with unrest as some of his Skrull followers start to question his methods.


The Story

Having rescued The President from a Skrull attack in the last episode. Fury rushes to the Hospital with the wounded President and waits there until the Skrull version of James Rhodes to turn up with the secret service. A confrontation between Rhodes and Fury happens in which Rhodes having followed orders from Gravik tells Fury that he has released the video footage implicating Fury in the killing of Maria Hill in Moscow. Fury is now a wanted man by all nations and as such he has to go underground and gather his allies.

Before he does. He has a meeting with G’iah to express his sorrow at the death of her father and also help her to put Talos’s body to rest by sending her to his wife Priscilla who knows the necessary Skrull funeral rituals. 

Meanwhile, in England Agent Sonya Falsworth has figured out who the Skrull imposters are in the UK and has gone about eliminating them. However, later on, when she meets Fury in Finland she is surprised to hear that Rhodes is also a Skrull. Gravik has been in touch with Fury and said that he wants something called the Harvest, which is a collection of DNA that was harvested from The Avengers. Fury takes Sonya to one of his graves where he has hidden The Harvest along with a number of other things to help in their fight against Gravik and his Super Skrulls.



Samuel L. Jackson puts in a solid performance as Fury and does quite a lot with very little in the way of character development. The confrontation between Fury and Rhodes (Don Cheadle) was fun to watch, but I have to wonder how that will pay off given that Gravik is the main villain here.

I also enjoyed Olivia Colman’s performance as Agent Sonya Falsworth who is a really fun character who is as mad as a box of frogs. 

Kingsley Ben-Adir taps into the well of madness to give us a really unhinged Gravik who is definitely losing the plot.



The storyline of this show has been painfully slow and although this penultimate episode moves things on a little bit. I can’t help but be concerned that the finale that will air next week is going to be rushed. For me, it’s only the acting performances that are keeping me engaged in this. The narrative storyline of aliens hiding in plain sight and being among us is as old as the hills and can be dated back to shows such as The Invaders, which was out in the 1960s during the height of the Cold War. Simply put. This show offers nothing new to what is now a very old trope.

Secret Invasion (S1 - EP5) - Harvest
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