In Review: Secret Invasion (S1 – EP4) – Beloved

Fury must make some hard sacrifices.

Synopsis: In Beloved, Fury must make some hard sacrifices. Meanwhile, Gravik prepares his Skrulls for another attack.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. G’iah has successfully escaped from the Skrull base but had to take some of the super Skrull serum to do so in order to survive being shot. She meets up with Talos and passed him information about a pending Skrull attack on the US President. Meanwhile, Fury’s wife Priscilla has a secret meeting with Colonel James Rhodes who is not who he appears to be. Rhodes orders Priscilla to kill Fury, but she tries to tell Rhodes that Fury is no longer a threat, but she is told it is either her or Fury. Of course, Fury overhears this conversation as he has listening devices planted. After the meeting, Priscilla meets Fury and they part ways. Then Fury pays a visit to Rhodes and tries to rattle his cage before the Skrulls attack the President. 



We get some solid performances in this episode as we see Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury find out just how deep the Skrull threat actually is. Thankfully for him, Priscilla still has feelings for him. The scene between Fury and Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is brilliant fun and a great piece of foreshadowing for the Skrull attack at the close of the episode. As hinted in the synopsis. We lose another character in this week’s show. As to whether the loss will make sense to the overall story as yet remains to be seen. But the fact that Fury has lost another Ally raises the stakes somewhat.



Beloved fills out some more of Priscilla’s backstory and looks a little more at her relationship with Fury. It also shows her to be more of an ally than a threat. In terms of moving the story forward. It is somewhat of a slow one. As the story seems to just tread water as we build up to the Skrull attack at the close of the story. Some of the character moments are fun. But I kind of need a little more from the plot than Super Skrulls trying to lay waste to the Earth.

Secret Invasion (S1 - EP4) - Beloved
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