In Review: Secret Invasion (S1 – EP3) – Betrayed

Fury uncovers a rebel Skrull plot...

Synopsis: In Betrayed, Fury uncovers a rebel Skrull plot and has to enlist the help of Talos in order to prevent another attack.


The Story

Betrayed picks up the story from where last week left off with Nick Fury returning home to his wife who is a Skrull and was a valued team member in Fury’s intelligence-gathering operation during the 90s. We get some scenes where Fury asks his wife whether or not she has spoken to Gravik or not. We are pretty much left to draw our own conclusions about that. Elsewhere, Talos has arranged to parlay with Gravik and pretty much gets nowhere with it. As it seems that Gravik is fairly determined to start a war.

Later, Fury has to apologize to Talos about the conversation we saw on the train in last week’s episode. With the apology out of the way. Fury and Talos set out on a mission to stop a Skrull attack on a UN plane. But when things go slightly wrong. Talos has to endanger the life of his daughter G’iah who has been spying on Gravik for Talos.



Samuel L. Jackson gets a few solid scenes in this episode as we begin to see Nick Fury engage in a little spy craft. The flashback scene where Fury meets his wife in the diner is quite fun and plays well against the slightly more mistrustful scene between Fury and his wife in the present.

The best scenes though are between Fury and Talos as once again Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn’s chemistry shines through.



A fairly solid episode that moves the plot along, but also throws in a few shocks along the way.

I thought the banter between Fury and Talos was quite funny in that it had that sort of buddy cop thing going on.

Secret Invasion (S1 - EP3) - Betrayed
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