In Review: Savage #3

This book is a masterclass in how to tell a story.

Synopsis: For KJ, life on the on the island is no longer just about survival. Life is about brutal revenge. Most of his life has been about fighting off dinosaurs and finding food, but trauma from his past has stripped him of all compassion. What appeared to be survival at first with our protagonist has morphed into settling a vendetta. KJ has been wronged, and the savagery of the island and inhabitants will pale in comparison with what the feral child has in store for those who have wronged him.

Review: Savage #3 would be unable to disappoint me even if the last pages were just depictions of different types of mayonnaise. I absolute adore this book. Stories told in two time frames can often come across as dull. Or one time frame becomes more interesting than others. Savage could never be accused of either of those statements. The present is literally prologue, yet it still remains distinct and riveting. Seeing the way KJ moves through his world is exciting and simultaneously heartbreaking. If there was any compassion in this teenager, it was long snuffed out. What is really cool is KJ is his own foil. The younger version of our protagonist appears loving and possess the naivete of a child his age; consequently, we know that somewhere something went horrible wrong. Moore masterfully navigates the reader through this tragedy, and the art aptly reflects this with confidence.

A story with two timelines has an interesting conundrum to address. Do you represent both timelines similarly, or do you intentionally make them look disparate. Savage took the latter approach, and the book is stronger because of it. Both Henry and Larosa approach the same story very differently while still working in harmony with each other. One style informs and supports and enhances the other. The crispness of the flashbacks serves to highlight how drastically different KJ’s life has become. Oppositely, the present scenes deftly show the visceral vibrancy of KJ’s reality. I am astonished at how beautiful all the creatures and action panels are. This is top notch work on both creator’s part.

Sadly, there is only one more issue of this phenomenal series left. With so much left to uncover, Moore must encapsulate a fair amount of information in just a few more pages. Though this more than likely will not be a problem, it still leaves me to believe that we will still have so much of this bizarre island to explore. A tale such as this one deserves to be returned to. Hopefully, this will be the case. There is not doubt in my mind that many readers would say the same.

Savage #3
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