In Review: Savage #1

Valiant delivers a brutal land of the lost like story.

Synopsis: A wild boy faces off against dinosaurs in a wild jungle. Though the boy remains silent, the battle for survival against this powerful beast is deadly. Emerging victorious, the boy collects dinosaur eggs from the nest and returns to his shelter. A shelter that seems out of place in a place that seems out of time. The few possessions this boy has reveal a tragic history that tells the tale of how this sole person ended up in this savage world. (See what I did there? I couldn’t resist.)

Review: The opening scenes of Savage #1 are a beautiful ballet of storytelling thought art. With no dialogue in the opening pages, the reader is allowed to soak in atmosphere of this alien yet familiar world. A world where only the strongest and most deadly survive. Our nameless protagonist looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book if Mowgli looked like he would tear the head off of Shere Khan with his bare hands. Through adept storytelling, we move into the nameless boy’s dwelling where we see artifacts from a previous life and world.

The creative team for Savage #1 does a fantastic job of fleshing out the characters through really concise yet illuminating dialogue by B. Clay Moore. It is here that we find out the nameless boy’s name is KJ, and he and his parents had been marooned on a deserted island. KJ’s parent’s have a fraught relationship, and their dynamic is equally portrayed through the art of Lewis Larosa & Clayton Henry. The glances that they make towards each other combined with their responses to each other and they danger they face are well timed and seamless. These characters feel completely authentic. This is critical to story that spends a lot of time world and mystery building.

Going into a series like this, one never knows what to expect. The unknown is a huge treat to readers, but it can also leave a story middling and lost. Savage does the former with such dedication that it almost looks too easy. Whatever this series has in store for its readers (and I am sure it is a lot), I do not believe anyone will be disappointed.

Savage #1
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