In Review: Santa My Life & Times – An Illustrated Autobiography

Beautifully illustrated by comic book legend, Bill Sienkiewicz. This is the perfect Christmas present, telling for the first time ever the true story behind the legend that is Santa Claus.

Synopsis: Just imagine what it would be like to sit beside Santa Claus and hear for the first time the true story of his miraculous life as only Santa himself could tell it. Old Kris Kringle tells the story of his life, from his childhood to the workings of his toyshop, and on the mysteries of his Christmas Eve flight, in an illustrated Christmas keepsake designed for families to read aloud.

Review: Re-Released back in September by Titan Comics. This is a charming book for all the family, which is designed to be read out loud in much the same way as many will read the classic Clement Clarke Moore poem ‘The Night Before Christmas’, but unlike that poem. This is an epic Christmas story about how Kris Kringle would start out as Santa. At 130 plus pages. It might be a bit of stretch to read in one sitting, but it is certainly a great way of getting the kids into the spirit. As an adult, I totally embraced my inner child while reading this. You also have lots of lavish artwork from acclaimed comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who produces some magical work for this book.

The Story

When Santa delivers some toys to some children. He is caught by an old woman, who as a child wished to ride with him on his sleigh. The two sit down chat over a cup of tea and as they do Santa begins to talk about how he came to be the legendary gift-giver that he is.

As the story evolves we learn how a series of good deeds paved the way for Santa to meet his elves, get his toy workshop and eventually take his first sleigh wide around the world. We even have a series of songs and poems from the various elves that Santa meets as he goes from being a young boy named Nicholas to being known as Santa Claus.

The Artwork

Bill Sienkiewicz provides some magical art for this book as the snowscapes, cottages and whimsical images completely enchant the pages and compliment the story brilliantly. It is truly like reading a book where an illusionist has waved a magic wand to produce a series of lush and gorgeous images that will make you believe that magic truly is real. There are only so many words that can be used to describe it. You just have to go get this book and look for yourself and let the magic of Sienkiewicz art speak for itself.


I’ve had this book on my desktop since September, but because of it being a Christmas book. It just would not have felt to read and review it back then. So I waited, and I am glad that I did because it truly is a beautiful story that will both amaze and enchant and bring back to adults the joy of believing in Father Christmas while simultaneously providing a fun story that can be shared with people of all ages.

Santa meets his elves for the very first time as he is given a tour of the new workshop and introduced to his new family.

From the moment you start reading this. You will be hooked. It is very obvious that writer Martin-Green gets what Christmas is truly about. I loved all the various adventures that Nicholas has as he slowly grows to become Santa and how nothing is what it seems.

Overall. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has young children and would like to make Christmas that bit more special by reading this story to them. It’s a glorious story that just leaps off the pages and will make you smile like a complete idiot.

You can get yourself a copy of this wonderful book at most good book stores for around about £15.99.

Santa My Life & Times - An Illustrated Autobiography
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