In Review: Rivers of London: The Fey and The Furious #1

The award-winning urban fantasy series Rivers of London begins a new story of fast cars and fairy queens, from series creator Ben Aaronovitch!

Synopsis: When an English racecar washes up in the Netherlands, wizarding cop Peter Grant is called in to investigate its unusual cargo. Fresh from suspension, Peter infiltrates the street racing big leagues – but can he find the finish line when he’s sucked into real-life fairyland?

Review: This is my introduction to the Rivers of London comics, which is a series I’ve been meaning to read for some time. And as far as intros go. So far I’m fairly impressed.

The Story

The story opens up in Holland where a racecar has washed up on the shore. Police detective and trainee Wizard Peter Grant is called in to investigate. The investigation pulls him away from some enforced downtime with his girlfriend.

The story proceeds to introduce us to the suspects and sees Peter along with his team of detectives infiltrate a street race in London where they try to figure out who their main suspects are. And the potential origins of the strange cargo that washed up with the car in Holland.

The Artwork

Lee Sullivan provides some fantastic artwork for the comic and really manages to pull off the sense of speed and danger with his drawings of the cars taking part in the street race towards the close of the comic. I also loved the open sequence of panels that introduce us to Peter Grant who is spending time with his girlfriend in a dingy of sorts while several Dolphins are trying to scavenge some food.


So far so good. I’m drawn in enough to want to check out the next issue and perhaps try and find a graphic novel of the first book if indeed it is out there. Peter Grant seems to be an interesting character and the police officers he works with are fairly likable. There is also a hint of Doctor Who written into this issue as we are introduced to the street race seen. The following puts me in mind of Doctor Who from the 1980s, which is when both writers of the comic worked on the show.

In Greenhithe did Heseltine a shopping dome decree where doctor and companions ran through quarries measureless to man on cathode ray tv.

I suspect this is supposed to be some kind of spell casting prior to the race. But it was pretty cool nonetheless to see such a fun reference.

Rivers of London: The Fey and The Furious #1
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