In Review: Ripper Street – Your Father. My Friend

Ghosts of Whitechapel's past come alive, setting our heroes on a path of destruction.

Synopsis: Ghosts of Whitechapel’s past come alive, setting our heroes on a path of destruction.

Review: This episode picks up from where things left off last week. Drake has found Reid in a pretty sorry state camping out in a hut.

Upon reporting that his daughter has been seen around the streets of Whitechapel Reid soon cleans himself up and springs back to action. His first call is made on long susan who he viciously gets into a choke hold and drills her for information about his missing daughter Matilda who he had believed dead thanks to Capshaw and Susan’s deception. Susan is ultimately saved by the intervention of Captain Jackson who has started his own investigation into Susan and her dealings with Capshaw.

After returning to the station under police escort, which is provided by a concerned Chief Inspector Fred Abberline it becomes apparent that there is a pattern to the sightings of Matilda.

It turns out that Matilda is following the various crimes scenes of the ripper killings and it is all because she had seen her fathers map with the gruesome photographs of the victims. This new information sparks a city wide search by the police led by Abberline and Drake.

Reid eventually catches up with his daughter at his old house. It turns out that in her confusion Matilda was trying to save the rippers victims and take them to a safe place. Her home.

After what is a happy reunion with his Daughter Reid is on the job yet again after been handed some evidence by Captain Jackson which proves that Capshaw is responsible for the train heist and subsequent deaths of 55 people.

This episode was great in that it paid off several of the story points that have ran throughout the series.

Acting performances from Matthew Macfadyen and Anna Burnett who played Matilda were fantastic and their reunion was particularly touching when you consider what both characters have been through.

The episode is cram packed with dramatic moments and might well have been quite overwhelming for some, but the writers cleverly avoid overwhelming viewers by focusing more on several ongoing plot points instead of giving the team an external mystery to solve.

Although the show didn’t suffer to much from Macfayden being OWOL last week. His character pretty much drives the narrative of this episode and does a sterling job of doing so.

Matilda revisiting two of the Ripper crime scenes was a brilliant little plot device, which not only tied her story up well, but also took us back to the shows origins. It also showed us just how much Reid and his work with the police had irreparably damaged his family life.

The episode was action packed, but at no time felt overcrowded with unnecessary trimmings. Ultimately by the close of the episode Reid finds redemption of sorts as long Susan falls deeper into darkness.


Ripper Street - Your Father. My Friend
  • Great acting and direction
  • Was left wanting more.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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