In Review: Ripper Street – The Incontrovertible Truth

Whitechapel witnesses a dark new breed of tourist and the team has but a single night to solve a brutal murder.

Synopsis: Whitechapel witnesses a dark new breed of tourist and the team has but a single night to solve a brutal murder.

Review: With this episode we are presented with a mystery which is more or less completely resolved at the police station insofar as we do not see to many other locations like we have in prior weeks.

When a recovering Reid arrests Lady Vera Montacute a high born woman that loves nothing more than to tour the slums of London and engage in all manner of depravity. The team is given a single night to solve a murder in which may or may not have been committed by Lady Vera.

The fact that Vera was found sleeping next to the murder victim does not help her case and nor does the fact that she remains so calm and in control throughout the investigation.

Laura Haddock puts in a mesmerizing performance as Lady Vera. I particularly enjoyed how she starts to play mind games with PC Grice by asking his name and generally flirting a little with him and getting into his head.

Although this story does not have the fast pace of previous stories it does provide us with some fun character moments.

We have Captain Jackson trying to get away from the station early for fear of upsetting his new love interest and we also have David Wilmot’s Sgt. Donald Artherton who is struggling with a bad case of gout.  I specifically enjoyed the interplay between Drake and Artherton in this story.

This story also sees the team use the relatively new science of fingerprinting to catch their murderer and as things turn out the murderer gets away with in despite some Incontrovertible evidence from the finger prints taken from the three suspects. Politics and Ch. Insp. Fred Abberline’s insistence that Reid use Lady Vera’s confession allow the real murderer to get off.

Its not a perfect ending for the episode, which is one of the cool aspects of this show. Its not afraid to take chances and not wrap viewers up in cotton wool by giving them an open and shut case week on week.

This episode gave us a really cool story and some fantastic character moments and strong guest performances.

The only downside to this story was that the pacing suffered a little in parts, but luckily the strong cast and acting performances stopped me from losing interest and kept me involved for the key moments.

Ripper Street - The Incontrovertible Truth
  • Fantastic Story and Great Acting
  • Some small pacing problems
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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