In Review: Ripper Street – No Wolves In Whitechapel

Drake's life unravels as he questions whether he sent an innocent man to the gallows.

Synopsis: Drake’s life unravels as he questions whether he sent an innocent man to the gallows.

Review: When the body of Thomas Gower turns up bite marks. Drake is forced to re-0pen the murder investigation that he closed at the start of this series.

Rose is still in shock from having seen Susan very much alive through her window and starts to investigate despite Drake trying to reassure her that Susan is dead.

Meanwhile it turns out that Police Commissioner Dove who has helped Drake ascend the ranks may not be as on the level as we’d like to believe.

To say that things are beginning to unravel with the plot threads of this current series would be a massive understatement and much to my surprise the conspiracy involving Dove seems to tie in with Abel and the docks. The very same docks that have been a haven to Susan and a regular venue for Jackson during his covert visits.

The connection seems to be the murder, which triggered the return of Reid to Whitechapel and the unease within the Jewish community has reached new levels of frenzied superstition with their belief that the murder is a Golum.

We have some fantastic moments in this episode. The relationship between Drake and Reid continues to be tested as Reid is continually trying to help his friend re-investigate the case, which he feels a great deal of remorse and guilt about due to him sending an innocent to the gallows.

Adding to Drakes load this week is the fact that Rose has figured out that Susan is indeed alive, but has as yet no concrete way of proving it.

Reid however continues to be somewhat of a thorn in Drakes side as he tries to look at every possible angle of the case, but things get really heated when Reid questions the credibility of Commissioner Dove who seems to have had a massive amount of influence over some of the decisions made in Drakes initial investigation into the Golum case.


Ripper Street - No Wolves In Whitechapel
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