In Review: Ripper Street – Heavy Boots

A destructive gang sense a moment of weakness within H Division and unleash hell.

Synopsis: A destructive gang sense a moment of weakness within H Division and unleash hell.

Review: Once again Jerome Flynn has to wear the heavy acting boots to carry this story through. This of course is due in part to the fact that Edmund Reed is seriously injured and as such cannot partake in solving this crime.

Seemingly a gang have got wind of Reid being hurt and have took it upon themselves to raise some hell.

When a publican turns up dead in a barrell due to being drowned with his own beer. Drake and Jackson are pushed into investigating the crime from chief of police Abberline. The trouble is Drake’s head is not in the game because he is dealing with the emotional fall out of his recent romantic liaison with Rose Erskine, which has rekindled his feelings for her, but unfortunately Rose is more interested in courting money and climbing the social ladder than she is in having something deeper with Drake and here in lies the trouble with this episode.

As a story it was pretty much an open and shut case. Nothing special really in that they get the bad guys, but with no real sense of action or drama.

The episode is much more of a character development story and not really much in the way of action, danger or drama.

This for my money is definitely the weakest episode we have seen. Which is a shame because the opening set of episodes have been really strong.

We can only hope that next weeks episode is better than this and is more in line with the opening couple of episodes in that it gives use something to care about.

Ripper Street - Heavy Boots
  • Some great acting
  • Bog Standard story
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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