In Review: Ripper Street – Ashes And Diamonds

The mysterious death of a clairvoyant unlocks the heart of a deceptive scheme.

Synopsis: The mysterious death of a clairvoyant unlocks the heart of a deceptive scheme.

Review: With Detective inspector Ried sidelined after the events of the previous episode the policing of Whitechapel is left in the hands of Jerome Flynn’s newly promoted Detective Inspector Bennet Drake who has to lie to protect Reid’s good name when asked about events by the higher ups, but also has to solve a crime, which proves to be quite puzzling in regards to possible motives.

While all the investigating is going on Long Susan and Capshaw continue to protect the young girl Alice (Reid’s daughter) but have come to the conclusion that they need to get her out of whitechapel in order to continue their deception.

Deception seems to be the very heart of this episode as we learn that the murdered clairvoyant is part of a plot to maintain the deception of a dead taxidermist, who has taken up with a high class prostitute and show girl and faked his own death to collect on an insurance policy so he can elope to paris with his new love.

This episode highlights Drake in a lot of ways and we see some more work done on his complicated relationship with singer Rose Erskine who finally gives in to her attraction to him and also acts as a much needed voice to help un-cloud Drakes sense of guilt at events that have transpired since his return to Whitechapel.

While not quite as strong as the first two episodes. This story stands up well and shows off the abilities of the rest of the cast of the show. I love the fact that Drake continues to struggle with his conscious on the many issues he has to deal with. Which include having to lie to protect the good name of his friend and former boss Edmund Reid, who we get a glimpse of by the close of the episode.

As to where this is all leading is any ones guess. Will Reid finally be reunited with his daughter who has escaped the care of Long Susan or will that also end in tragedy for him?

All in all another fantastic hour of television.

My one concern is how will the BBC condense these episodes when they air the series next year. Each episode thus far has ran between an hour and six and an hour and eight minutes. And the extra few minutes are not wasted.

Ripper Street - Ashes And Diamonds
  • Lots of deception happening
  • No Edmund Reid
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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