In Review: Reign of The Supermen

As the world mourns the death of the Man of Steel, new heroes emerge, each claiming to be the true Superman reborn.

Synopsis: As the world mourns the death of the Man of Steel, new heroes emerge, each claiming to be the true Superman reborn. But when a deadly threat uses Superman’s absence to target Earth, their powers are put to the ultimate test.

Review: Sequal to last years ‘The Death of Superman’. This movie tells the story of Superman’s return from death, which is thanks to some unique Krypton technology.

The Story

Six months have passed since Superman died at the hands of Doomsday and the city of Metropolis is being protected by a Justice League, which is stretched pretty thin and four newcomers that are looking to take on the mantle of the Earths greatest protector. Among these newcomers are The Eradicator, Superboy, Steel and Cyborg Superman. The question is. Which one of these new heroes should the people of Metropolis trust? And is the real Superman really dead?

As comic book readers and fans of these types of movies will already know. The answer to that last question is no.  But this film is all about the journey up until the point where Superman returns.

The Voice Acting

Once again we get some wonderful voice performances from Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn as Superman and Lois Lane. But the talents of Rainn Wilson as Lex Luther should not be underestimated either.

Also really strong was Cameron Monaghan who voiced Superboy, who as we all know is a clone that Lex Luther made of Superman who was used to try and keep the city safe during the real Superman’s absence.


Given that we already had the death of Superman and his eventual resurrection told in the 2006 ‘Superman Doomsday’, which is a far superior film.  This latest installment doesn’t really add a great deal that is new to the story.

If anything it proves to be a little more controversial given that the closing minutes see the newly resurrected Superman channeling his inner Henry Cavill by pretty much murdering Hank Henshaws Cyborg Superman, who is a victim of Darkseid’s plan to destroy Metropolis. The scene where Superman strikes a killing blow to Cyborg Superman mirrors very much the controversial scene in which Cavill’s Superman murders Zod in ‘Man of Steel’. Which is something that divided fans about the story of that movie.

Overall. There’s plenty of action, but the story drags a bit and some of the characters that we are supposed to be vying for don’t always come across as particularly likable.

Reign of The Supermen
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