In Review: Red Sonja/Tarzan #4

Lord Greystoke may be a man of means, but money and possessions mean nothing compared to his family.

Synopsis: Lord Greystoke may be a man of means, but money and possessions mean nothing compared to his family. Once they are threatened, Tarzan will stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe. And if his enemies think they know fear, they have yet to experience the fury that is Red Sonja unleashed!

Review: The story picks up with Tarzan and Red Sonja heading to her world where they have a visit with a seer who created Sonja’s sword and the sword, which Duul has been using to traverse time and space.

Meanwhile, Duul has taken Tarzan’s daughter in law hostage and is also heading to Cimmeria with plans to finish Tarzan and Red Sonja once and for all.

The Story

The story continues to move at a satisfying pace and we have some wonderfully funny moments where Red Sonja takes out one of the natives in order to get Tarzan some more suitable attire. This leads to a fun moment where Sonja gets somewhat distracted by Tarzan’s physic while he is trying to make plans and ask all the relevant questions.

Ultimately the issue closes out as Duul, Tarzan and Sonja are going to it and we get some fantastic action beats as well as an interesting reveal concerning Duul’s origins.

Gail Simone has done a fantastic job of keeping this a fun and engaging story and provides some brilliant dialogue exchanges for the characters.

The Artwork

Walter Geovani’s artwork just gets better and better. He draws some fantastic action beats in this issue, but it is the marketplace of Cimmeria with all its merchants and stuff that stands out. I also enjoyed the bar scene and Geovani’s clever use of shadow.


Overall. This is another fantastic issue that ends in such a way that you’ll be stamping your feet in absolute frustration to find out what happens next.

Red Sonja/Tarzan #4
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