In Review: Red Sonja/Tarzan #3

The adventure continues and the mystery deepens as Sonja and Tarzan must save the Greystoke family from extreme peril

Synopsis: The adventure continues and the mystery deepens as Sonja and Tarzan must save the Greystoke family from extreme peril and try to rectify the disturbances in time caused by the evil Elon Duul!

Review: Issue 3 starts off by introducing us to Tarzan’s son Jack as he catches up to a guide who has just helped a bunch of poachers kill an entire herd of Elephants. The artwork depicting the graveyard of elephants is really haunting and does much to sow the meaningless of the act of hunting for sport. This was a great way of introducing Tarzan’s son into the story and he pops up again later.

We pick up Tarzan and Sonja from where we left them. In the home of H.G. Wells and manages to find time to show off a few of the artifacts that he has collected and written about. I thought the call back to War Of The Worlds and the connection to Barsoom was quite clever and a fun bit of trivia for fans familiar with both the worlds of H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Gail Simone continues to provide us with some fantastic dialogue between Tarzan and Sonja and the way she writes the evil Slon Duul is pure brilliance. I love the confrontation between Dull and Tarzan’s son Jack as depicted on page 20.

Walter Geovani’s artwork continues to shine. I loved the detail used to depict the various artifacts in H.G. Well’s home and also the fight sequence between Tarzan’s son and Dull. All of this is helped by some wonderful colour work from Adriano Augusto whose work seems to adapt seamlessly from location to location.

Overall. This is a great issue, which adds to the story and gives a few clues into how Dull is managing to traverse through time. We also have a really nice moment between Tarzan and Sonja, which is worth the price of admission alone.


Red Sonja/Tarzan #3
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