In Review: Red Sonja/Tarzan #2

The Lord of the Jungle and the She-Devil with a Sword find themselves up against an enemy who uses methods they cannot comprehend.

Synopsis: The Lord of the Jungle and the She-Devil with a Sword find themselves up against an enemy who uses methods they cannot comprehend. In different times and places, our heroes must seek out the assistance they need to stop the evil Eson Duul before he destroys both of their worlds.

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off Tarzan and Red Sonja spend the first part of this issue getting acquainted and it’s fair to say that Tarzan is highly distrustful of the flame-haired she-devil. As the issue progresses a mutual respect grows between the two iconic warriors.

The hunt for Eson Duul is very much on and the Ape Man and Red Sonja learn that they have met once before, but neither have any memory of the incident, which saw them battle each other. It would seem that this hunt for Duul will cross the boundaries of time as Sonja and Tarzan must seek the help of a great wizard with the initials of H.G.

Writer Gail Simone has absolutely nailed both Tarzan and Red Sonja and definitely knows how to write dialogue for both these great characters. I love the fact that Simone has not shied away from showing that attitudes towards women in Tarzan’s times were not as perhaps progressive as they are trying to be in the now. This is shown by Tarzan’s attitude toward Red Sonja when he refuses to let her go with him as he rides toward the property of Duul to confront him. I also enjoyed the gradual evolution of the growing respect that the two legendary characters develop for each other.

Walter Geovani’s artwork in this issue is fantastic. I especially enjoyed the whole sequence of panels toward the middle of the issue where Tarzan and Red Sonja battle each other through the jungle. The linework is awesome as is the visceral and savage depiction of the struggle between the two heroes.

Overall. This is a great second issue, which advances the story without giving too much away as to how the two heroes will eventually triumph. I can’t wait to read issue 3 when it comes out next month.



Red Sonja/Tarzan #2
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