In Review: Red Sonja/Tarzan #1

Red Sonja and Tarzan make for a great double team.

Synopsis: The She-Devil with a Sword meets the Lord of the Jungle! Eson Duul is an evil man. The mere mention of his name makes powerful quake with fear. He has no regard for life, including that of man. But he may finally have met his match when he finds himself up against Red Sonja and Tarzan!

Review: One crossover that has always seemed like a bit of a no-brainer to me is to have Tarzan work with Red Sonja or even Conan The Barbarian. In this new comic we get one of those wishes come true and this first issue is wonderfully set up by Gail Simone.

This first issue sees Tarzan meet merciless hunter and all-around professional mean bastard Eson Duul. In the opening few pages, we get a real sense of what an evil monster Eson Duul is when we see him order one of his men to murder two animals making them extinct. This monster hunts animals to extinction so that no other hunter can have trophies like he has. Dull has the same regard for women and permanently scars them so that no other man will bed them.

Tarzan’s first meeting with this monster is tense, to say the least. The cruelty Tarzan sees is so bad that he is barely able to retain a civil tongue.

Red Sonja’s storyline in this issue is of a similar nature, but her beef with Duul is somewhat more personal. Duul who is somehow able to traverse and hunt through time hurts Sonja pretty badly and takes away her most prized possessions.

By the close of the issue, we are given enough set up for both Sonja and Tarzan to want to take on Esan Duul. And if what we have seen thus far is anything to go by. It’s going to be beyond cruel.

The artwork in this issue by Walter Geovani is really impressive. Geovani is no stranger to drawing Red Sonja, but it has to be said. Seeing Red Sonja dressed as a woman of the 1920’s in a basque and skirt with her hair up was somewhat of an unexpected sight.

Overall. This is a great first issue that has me very much invested enough to join Tarzan and Red Sonja when they journey to Cameroon for the second issue.

Red Sonja/Tarzan #1
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