In Review: Red Sonja #0

Red Sonja has traveled far and wide, but his new adventure will take completely out of her element.

Synopsis: Red Sonja has faced many demons before, and this one is no different. The creature is fierce, but the warrior woman fights ferociously to turn the tide of battle. Yet when a familiar voice calls out to the warrior woman, she knows the real danger has still to reveal itself. The dark sorcerer Kulan Gath has appeared! Sonja begins to finally end things with her mortal enemy, but in a flash the battle is over. Unfortunately, Red Sonja’s troubles have just begun.

Review: Red Sonja #0 begins in the midst of a gruesome battle. Who or what the creature is makes no difference because it will be dead soon enough. Sonja appears strong and ruthless, and she seems invincible compared to the mammoth demon that stands between her and victory (and booze). For people new to Red Sonja, this introduction to the character is streamlined yet detailed. Writer Amy Chu has done a fantastic job in making Sonja seem dynamic and fully fleshed out without delving much into her storied past. Carlos Gomez also demonstrates solid artwork that suits the character. The opening page alone does the genre of swords and sorcery justice. Interestingly, when the dark wizard and mortal enemy of Sonja, Kulan Gath, appears, The entire book takes an unexpected twist.

Dark wizards and sorcerers are some of my favorite villains since they almost always seem to be wildcards. Kulan Gath is no different. As Red Sonja attempts to end their battles once and for all, she finds herself awakening in a cold and strange cave. Moreover, she discovers things and markings that are very unfamiliar. I won’t go into further detail as to not ruin the twist, but it is a pretty interesting turn of events. What is even more interesting is how the art reflects the twist. The world is completely transformed, and the pencils are somewhat reminiscent of artist Stuart Immonen (I adore his work!). You really have to appreciate the skill that goes into being able to adapt so dramatically mid issue.

It may be too early to call this new run of Red Sonja a massive hit, yet the work both Chu and Gomez put into the book foreshadows really good things. This is a tale that I do not believe has been told with this character, and it seems refreshing and exciting. And with this issue only costing a whopping $.25 US (You read correctly. This only cost one-quarter of a dollar), it cannot be passed up. We are in a new age for Red Sonja, and I am happy to live in it.

Red Sonja #0
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