In Review: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (PC Gaming)

Double Damage kicks off my return to PC Gaming after 15 years away.

Review: As a few people close to me already know. I’ve recently dipped back into PC gaming. So because of that. I’m hoping to review a few more games as and when they come out or become available to me.

The first game I’m looking at is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which was released around about mid-August by Double Damage Games. This game is a prequel to Rebel Galaxy and sees you playing the role of Juno, who has been pushed into the nomadic life of a Bounty Hunter, Trader due to the murder of her husband. Juno is out for revenge but needs to adopt a certain lifestyle in order to get the answers she needs. Which is that of a nomadic pilot who is prepared to take on most jobs in exchange for credits and information.

The Game

The game feels very much like a spiritual successor to some of the PC games of the early 90s. Games such as Wing Commander and Privateer. Both of which I had hours of fun with back in the day. It also has aspects of Elite to it in regards to trading models and mining, but its much more of an arcade take.

In-Game Activities

Added to the combat is a fully functioning trading model, which sees you being able to trade in anything from luxury goods to slaves and narcotics. Best to watch yourself if trading in slaves and narcotics, given that the police and local militia can be somewhat overzealous when it comes to enforcing the law.

You can do various missions for trade guilds and so forth as well as indulge in the odd spot of 8 ball or dice against the station’s local gamblers. You can also do the odd spot of space mining as well as plenty of other activities that will keep you from getting through to much games story to fast.

Thus far have only played about 4 hours of the game myself and in that time have managed to do a couple of upgrades to my ship, which puts me in mind of the Firefly-class of ship, which we saw in Joss Whedon’s series. Only its smaller.

Graphics & Sound

The game’s graphics are really nice and make you feel like you are flying through space. It uses a mix of 3D Graphics and Cell Shading. I loved the little animated introduction, which introduces you to Juno and does a lot to set up the game’s story.

If that isn’t immersive enough. You also have a series of radio stations on the ship, which has a fantastic variety of original rock and country songs that add to the feel and the vibe of the game’s world.


If I have one complaint. It is some of the controls. I had to push escape to go through various sub-menus before I could figure out how to eject unwanted cargo. It would have been great if there was a short cut for this so I could have gone straight to my cargo. As far as flying the ships concerned. I found that quite easy to get the hang of given that I naturally opted to use a gamepad, which the game feels designed for.  I’ve been looking online for some of the keyboard shortcuts for this game. So if anyone else is playing that could help. I’d appreciate it.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a lot of fun to play. The character of Juno is likable and puts me in mind of a female version of Han Solo or even Malcolm Reynolds. You get the impression that she has been through the wars.

I loved the music featured on the radio stations on the game and hope Double Damage release some of the music in a CD or MP3 format.

Flying and combat is pretty easy to get to grips with if you use either a control pad or flight stick, but it took me a little time to figure out the none flight controls such as opening communications and ejecting unwanted cargo.

After four hours. I’m hooked and suspect that my evenings are going to be taken up with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw for at least the next few months.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (PC Gaming)
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