In Review: Re-Animator (DVD & Blu Ray)

Brilliant and somewhat deranged, medical student Herbert West arrives at Miskatonic Medical School and immediately sneers at his professor's outdated views on death.

Synopsis: Brilliant and somewhat deranged, medical student Herbert West arrives at Miskatonic Medical School and immediately sneers at his professor’s outdated views on death. West has his own outlandish theories and has concocted a serum that will bring the dead back to life. Roping in fellow student Dan Cain their shocking experiments work all to well with horrific and very messy results.

Review: Being re-released on Blu Ray and DVD through Second Sight ‘Re-Animator’ is somewhat of an 80s classic in the realm of horror comedy.

It was also the launching pad for Jeffrey Combs who would later go on to portray some of the most loved villains in both ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’

Due for release on the 14th March this set includes two copies of the film. The first being the unrated original version and the second being a more recent 4K transfer, which included extra footage, which does little more than provide a few more expositional scenes to the film.

The film itself is all here and is absolutely brilliant fun in terms of the gore and effects, which lets face it were not that great even when the film was released, which is all a major part of the fun you get from watching.

Combs puts in a brilliantly deranged performance as Herbert West, which is aided brilliantly by the more reasoned performance of Bruce Abbott as the dashing Doctor Dan.

David Gale also puts in a brilliant performance as the equally demented Doctor Hill whose head gets pretty much severed, but still manages to take on a life of its own.

Brilliant fun. This is a must have for any aficionado of 80’s horror comedy, but if you already have the version previously released. There isn’t really anything new to look out for in this version.

Extras: This set comes with a heap of extras, which include some fun documentary content about the films as well as a directors commentary track.

Re-Animator (DVD & Blu Ray)
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