In Review: Rapture #4

Babel achieves his goal, and the price is high.

Synopsis: The team has done everything they could to prevent Babel from achieving his goal. Sadly, it was not enough. Babel convinced one of the team to betray the mission. With Shadowman’s loa sacrificed, the evil sorcerer now has the power to pierce the Liveside, and with that, he has doomed the world to the biblical plagues of old. The the fate of the team, and the world of the living, lies with the one who betrayed them, Shadowman himself.

Review: What is remarkable about Valiant‘s smaller event books is how self-aware they become. The first few issues introduce you to a cast of characters, both old and new. Team dynamics and motivations are formed and explored. It is in this exploration that we get to the central focus of the series. Shadowman has had a heavy burden to shoulder. He has done terrible things while being possessed by the loa, yet, as Tama later states, Babel had power, but his magic can’t force you to do things you would not do. Meaning, Shadowman has to own all of the bad decisions he has made. The world has been put into jeopardy not because he was deceived but due to his own self-deception. This realization brings the entire series together, and shows the growth and the dynamic changes to Valiant‘s characters and universe.

The loa fight is easily one of the best parts about the final issue of Rapture. Seeing just how fearsome these gods are is deftly conveyed. Although they are spirits, there is still a visceral feeling to their battle. The smartest visual scene during the battle is the use of the plagues on top of the tower. It is easy to miss at first. Punk Mambo talking about the pestilent frogs really brings what is happening in the background into focus. So when the flood waters start to pour from the heavens, it all fits together like clockwork.

Rapture has been a fun and entertaining series. The new characters are great, and it is good to see the character of Tama taking a more proactive role in stories. It is sad to see this story end so quickly because it would be great to see how this team would function through other trials. Conversely, it works for the story that needed to be told. These are not a group of people who would normally come together into one cohesive unit. Actually, they pretty much failed, but it was the attempt that made them, and this series, great.


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