In Review: Rapture #2

The team races to stop an apocolypse that has already begun.

Synopsis: The Geomancer, Tama, has led an unlikely group of warriors to prevent the apocalypse. Little do they know that threat isn’t coming, it is already here. Thought the team is formidable, it has already been fractured. In an attack from the dark sorcerer Babel, Magpie aka Shadowman has been abducted. And while Babel is incredibly powerful, so too is a loa that resides within Shadowman. Will Shadowman aka Magpie be enough to stop this ancient force? Or will the darker parts of Magpie turn its back on humanity?

Review: Rapture is turning out to be both an action packed yet very slow and contemplative event. The bulk of issue carefully reveals some information on the  new characters. Rex Razor reveals a portion of his story, and it seems solid enough. The only real issue I had with this is the dead wife trope. Every writer should have the freedom to craft a story as they see fit, but this has been done so often. It just feels like a shortcut in building Rex’s motivation. Meanwhile, I love the ragged and meticulous depiction of Babel.

Babel is an interesting character, for though he has fallen from great heights, he still commands an insidious power. From his long ragged hair, to the glowing red eyes, to his garbled yet eloquent speech pattern, Babel is a fully fleshed out villain. We all too often see “unstoppable villains” who have all the back story of jingle for mayonnaise. The creators really have thought him out well. The lettering alone intrigues me. Seeing they way certain words are spelled backwards or colored only adds to the mythos of Babel. If words are his power, then the words should take on a mystique as well. The way Babel influences people shows how he is a not so subtle stand in for Lucifer. He climbs to the heavens, is cast down, and takes his followers with him. It works.

There is a lot about this series that remains unknown. Will this be a redemption story for Magpie? Will Babel gain even more power after piercing the heavens? Will more of Rex the Razor be revealed? With the story halfway done, there is still a large amount of ground to cover, but I think both the journey and destination will be more than satisfying.

Rapture #2
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