In Review: Rapture #1

An ancient threat returns to endanger both the living and the dead.

Synopsis: Tama, the Geomancer, has led a difficult life. Though her powers are formidable, so too are her enemies. Now, an ancient threat has emerged to bring rack and ruin to the heavens. Babel has returned to wage war against Heaven, and the young Geomancer must enlist the aid of Ninjak, Punk Mambo, and Shadowman to hinder his evil plans that will destroy both the Deadside and the Living Side in the process. Everything is at stake, but this motley crew may not have what it takes to stop the sorcerer that caused the great flood.

Review: Rapture #1 slowly builds an interesting and engaging tale amidst a grim backdrop. The main character, Tama, delivers a quirky voice over that adds a fun element to a world ending scenario. Seeing this young Geomancer best traditional quests challenges with ease, allows the story to bypass the tropes readers have seen so often. It also demonstrates how capable Tama is since Geomancers are often portrayed as a cannon fodder who need constant protection. In some ways, from the depiction of Tama, to the story itself, Rapture feels unconventional. A strength to the tale for certain.

“Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand.” The lyrics from Michael Jackson’s Thriller instantly popped into my mind. There is an underlying eerie quality to the entire issue. Whether it is the Deadside, the flashback to Babel, or the rooftops of London, the visuals conveys a sense of an impending doom that lurks in every shadow. There is so little light in this issue. It enhances the hopelessness of the situation, and the mounting tension of the battle to come. Honorable mention to great facial expressions displayed by Tama. Those panels really stuck out in the issue.

Valiant has a history of putting out great events for their characters, and it looks like Rapture will be no different. It is good to see the publisher bringing in characters who may not always get the same spotlight as their counterparts. Looking forward to the highs and lows of what promises to be a fun and spooky read.

Rapture #1
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