In Review: Quantum & Woody #2

It's the Family Feud of the Valiant Universe!

Synopsis: The reason behind Eric and Woody’s rift has been revealed! Eric choosing not to inform Woody that his birth father was alive was the final wedge that took sibling rivalry to an all out family feud. The Negative One, along with the Thedge, has promised Woody freedom from Eric, but the price is brotherly betrayal. They also have his father as collateral…kinda. The three break into the Wherehouse were Eric has been working, and they kidnap to hero turned security guard. Now, the brothers are on their way to Australia where Woody will come face to face with the man who abandoned him all of those years ago.

Beyond the ludicrous pseudo-science and slapstick humor, Quantum and Woody #2 delivers high on the dysfunctional family drama. The use of flashbacks demonstrate how two brothers can grow to not just resent but unequivocably loathe each other. The treehouse pages really show the flaws of each brother, and those flaws are exacerbated over time. Neither brother has the emotionally empathy to look past their own desires, and this causes both of them to inflict emotional damage as adults. It is a great way to put both men on a moral plateau.

There is a lot of work that goes into every issue of the new Q&W run. While every page is packed full of wacky antics, nothing seems superfluous. This book is dense, and the reader benefits greatly from it. The fight seen from outside the house is a prime example. The brothers are trading physical and emotional blows, and then the two literally blow the roof off of thee place. It is a powerful scene, and it is undercut with the goat (just seeing the goat is hilarious). Plus, the panel work in the Wherehouse is incredibly fun.

Full disclosure: I find it difficult for comedy books to hold my attention, but this series is a glorious exception to the rule. The jokes land consistently, and the drama keeps this screwball comedy well grounded. It is more than fair to say that I am hooked.

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