In Review: Quantum Leap (S2 – Eps 12 & 13) As the World Burns & Against Time

Warning this review includes spoilers

Synopsis: In As The World Burns, Ben jumps into a 1970s firefighter, and has to save Hannah and her son Jeffrey. While Against Time sees Gideon placing all his cards on the table and revealing his true self and motives when he takes over Quantum Leap. In order to get back control and stop Gideon. Ben and his team must race against time to save at least two lives and put what has gone wrong right.


The Story

These last two episodes of the season reveal the unfortunate consequences of having a relationship where one person is traversing through time and the other keeps meeting that person at various points in their timeline. In illustrating this point. We see the resolution of Ben’s love affair with Hannah and the effects that it has had on Hannah’s family. In As The World Burns Ben must save Hannah and her son Jeffrey from a burning building, but when Jeffrey insists on going back to their apartment to save his late fathers things he winds up learning about who Ben is and how the relationship he has had with his mother may have impacted his life. In the present day Gideon takes over Quantum Leap and immediately fires the entirety of Bens team before stepping into the imagining chamber to announce his true identity to Ben.

During the episode Against Time. Ben having learned that Gideon is the grown-up version of Jeffrey must race against time to stop him from closing down Quantum Leap and taking it over out of rage. Having managed to regain contact with Ben with some help from Magic and Janis Calavicci. Ben and his team come up with a plan to create a butterfly effect in order to correct the time line and stop the angry version of Jeffrey aka Gideon from getting his way. To do this. Ben must speak to the younger version of Jeffrey and try and convince him that what he and project Quantum Leap do is for the greater good and is about trying to save people. While doing this Ben also has to fulfill the remit of his current leap, which is to save the life of an aging stock car driver. 


The Acting

Young actor Connor Esterson puts in a fantastic performance as young Jeffrey who grows up to become Gideon. Esterson manages to convey a truly devastating level of grief and anger throughout the episodes. The scene where Ben (Raymond Lee) talks Jeffrey through what happened between him and Hannah and how he tried his best to save his father is beautifully handled.

We also get some more scenery-chewing scenes from the amazing James Frain as Gideon who is revealed to be the adult version of Jeffrey whose life long anger against Ben and Quantum Leap has gone unchecked.

Other notable performances come in the form of a return for Georgina Reilly as Al’s daughter Janis Calavicci. We also get a return for Al’s wife Beth who is played once again by Susan Diol who reprises the role that she played way back in the original series. 


This final two episodes resolves the storyline and the love affair between Ben and Hannah Nally and in so doing gives Quantum Leap a shot at getting Ben home. In order to make this story work. The writers delve into the mythology of the original Quantum Leap series and makes use of one of the best story beats from the original series, which saw Sam Beckett do a great service for his long-time hologram and best friend Al by convincing Beth to wait for him. In the original series, it was always hinted that something greater, that is beyond reasonable scientific explanation was behind Sam’s leaps. This episode reiterates this point and sees Magic say some lines about it when he convinces his team to go with their plan and make a leap of faith that the universe will do what is right.

Overall. This was a pretty solid season finale, which leaves off with an interesting cliffhanger that will hopefully get resolved in a third season.


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Quantum Leap (S2 - Eps 12 & 13) As the World Burns & Against Time
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  • Craig B
    22 February 2024 at 9:11 am -

    -His daughter is called Janis, his wife is called Beth Re: “Other notable performances come in the form of a return for Georgina Reilly as Al’s daughter Beth Calavicci”

    • Ian Cullen
      22 February 2024 at 4:56 pm -

      Thanks for that. I meant Janis, but in the rush to get it done I likely mistakenly typed Beth. Either way it was an enjoyable set of episodes. Although I’d actually figured out that Gideon was Jeffrey about halfway through the first of the two episodes.