In Review: Quantum Leap (S2 – EP9) Off the Cuff

Ben leaps into a bounty hunter escorting the world's most slippery criminal

Synopsis: In Off the Cuff.  Ben leaps into a bounty hunter escorting the world’s most slippery criminal, a deadly pursuit forces them to go into hiding, but Ben quickly realizes this leap is more than meets the eye. Addison faces a difficult decision.


The Story

Once again. Ben finds himself leaping into a bounty hunter who is escorting a Nick Peterson across the country to escape some crooks. When the two take a break at Nick’s brother’s house things get complicated for Ben when he meets up once more with Hannah Carson. Only this time Hannah is married to the crook’s brother and has a child. When their pursuers catch up with them. It’s down to some rapid science from Ben and Hannah to try and save the day. 

Back at Project, Quantum Leap Addison gets a marriage proposal.


The Acting

Raymond Lee is as solid as always as Ben and gets to play the straight man this week to a rather comedic performance from Matthew O’Donnell who plays Nick, who is the person that Ben is escorting. Eliza Taylor once again shines in her role as Ben’s love interest Hannah and the chemistry she has with Lee is undeniable.



Off the Cuff was kind of a mixed-bag episode in that we had moments of light comedy-drama with a somewhat tired plotline of a chase across the country. The fun scenes were mostly when we saw Nick demonstrating how selfish he is, whereas the more serious drama came from the rest of the cast. 

This is a bit of a weak episode for the series to return on after its brief hiatus and was a disappointment after the previous batch of episodes. Having Ben leap into another timeline where he meets Hannah again was the main meat of this episode. And the fact that Hannah is now married with a child adds an interesting dynamic to the love story. But the whole episode was a bit of a let down after us having been spoiled with such strong stories like ‘Secret History’ and ‘Nomads’.

Quantum Leap (S2 - EP9) Off the Cuff
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