In Review: Quantum Leap (S2 – EP8) Nomads

Ben leaps as far as Egypt into an undercover CIA agent caught in a dangerous game of international espionage

Synopsis: In Nomads,  Ben leaps as far as Egypt into an undercover CIA agent caught in a dangerous game of international espionage, he must move quickly to save a woman’s life.


The Story

Ben finds himself in Egypt in 1961 where he is tasked with saving the life of a CIA informant who is being pursued by the Stasi. Adding more spice to the story is the fact that Hannah Carson. The woman that Ben has fallen in love with whom he has met on two previous Leaps is also in Egypt and quite happy to lend her assistance. As the mission unfolds Layla Adel whom Ben is supposed to be protecting becomes compromised because the guy heading up Ben’s mission drops the ball by preeminently arresting a CIA traitor that Layla has exposed. 

While working on the mission together. Ben and Hannah become much closer, which gives Addison the realization that Ben and Hannah’s love for each other is the reason why their paths seem to be constantly crossing irrespective of the time and place that Ben leaps to.


The Acting

Azita Ghanizada is pretty convincing as the CIA informant Layla Adel who is looking to get American citizenship and protection for the work she has done. We also get strong performances from Raymond Lee and Eliza Taylor who do a great job of selling the ongoing romance between Ben and Hannah. We also get a solid performance from Lou Diamond Phillips who plays the CIA chief Shepherd Barnes.



Another solid episode that further explores the time-crossed romance between Ben and Hannah. I loved the espionage plot for this episode as well as the choice of location. Also, we get a brilliant twist at the end of the story, which will likely keep the fans guessing until the next episode, which will air sometime in the new year.

Quantum Leap (S2 - EP8) Nomads
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