In Review: Quantum Leap (S2 – EP7) A Kind of Magic

Ben leaps back to 1692, and is soon suspected of being a witch

Synopsis: In A Kind of Magic, Ben leaps back to 1692, and is soon suspected of being a witch. With limited records of the time period that they can use to help. The team has to rely on some magic of their own.


The Story

Ben leaps into the body of Elizabeth Love who gets put on trial for witchcraft when she saves the life of Magistrate Bloodborne with the use of CPR, which wasn’t around in the 1600’s. Pretty soon two other women are getting tried for witchcraft alongside Ben. This causes problems for Ian and the team at Project Quantum Leap because there are not many reliable records from the 1600s that they can draw upon to help Ben. This leads to Ian taking a rather unusual approach using Astrology and Meta Sciences to try and find some answers. This sees Ian trying to conduct a seance to contact a long-past relative who was burned as a witch. As well as using several astrology books and farmers’ almanacs from the time. 


The Acting

We get some really strong performances in this week’s episode from Mason Alexander Park who continues to be perhaps one of the most likable characters as Ian whose job is mostly technical support. I loved the moment where Ian is trying to hold a seance and gets somewhat of a sarcastic reaction from Jenn who is very much a logical thinker and has little faith in the supernatural.

In terms of the actual Leap itself. We get a fantastic performance from Brian Van Holt who is very authoritative in the role of Magistrate Bloodborne who puts the three women on trial. Also putting in strong performances were Amanda Jaros and Madalyn Horcher who played the two women that Ben was on trial with. 



I think the production missed a trick with this episode by not being able to show it toward the end of October to coincide with Halloween. However, despite the scheduling, we got a rather compelling story and an interesting discussion about magic being something that science has not been able to explain yet and why we should not be fearful of it. Added to this the story is also good source material for if you ever want to discuss the pros and cons of a patriarchal society, which was very much the norm back in the 1600s.

Quantum Leap (S2 - EP7) A Kind of Magic
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