In Review: Quantum Leap (S2 – EP3) – Closure Encounters

Ben finds himself leaping into a Government Agent from Project Sign
Closure Encounters

Synopsis: In Closure Encounters, Ben finds himself leaping into a Government Agent from Project Sign, which was the forerunner to Project Blue Book that investigated UFO sightings. Called in to investigate a car accident in which the driver claims to have seen aliens. Ben teams with the town’s sheriff to find the truth. 


The Story

Ben finds himself leaping into the life of a UFO investigator for Project Sign and has to investigate a car accident in which the driver claims to have seen Aliens. Working alongside the town’s Sheriff who happens to be the driver’s father. The two of them with a little help from Addison and the Project Quantum Leap team uncover a top-secret military operation to test stealth and night vision technology.


Closure Encounters was full of strong acting performances throughout. Aside from Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett unpacking the aftermath of Ben and Addison’s relationship due to Addison thinking that Ben was lost when Quantum Leap was shut down. We get some really good moments between Lee and Louis Herthum’s Sheriff Woodrow Morgan as they investigate the UFO sighting and set about proving the Sheriff’s daughter innocent of reckless driving. I enjoyed that Lee got to show us Ben’s more reckless side as he dealt with his grief regarding the split between him and Addison.

My favorite scenes were between Ben and Eliza Taylor’s character of Hannah Carson who is a waitress in the town’s diner that proves to be somewhat of a kindred spirit for Ben as they bond over mathematics, science, and the unexplained. The episode ends with a bit of a hint that suggests that we could see this character return in a future episode, which will no doubt have fans wondering who Hannah Carson is.



Closure Encounters was a fun episode and proved to be a solid way of having Ben and Addison begins to deal with the fallout of their relationship and start trying to deal with it. As established in last week’s show. It’s only been two leaps for Ben. Whereas for Addison and the rest of the Quantum Leap team. It has been nearly 3 years since they have seen or had contact with Ben. Aside from the season-long story arc, which will likely deal with the lost time. I really enjoyed that we got a look at a UFO investigation set in 1949 and seeing all the lore that connects to that.

Overall. This is perhaps the best episode of the current season to date.

Quantum Leap (S2 - EP3) - Closure Encounters
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