In Review: Quantum Leap (S1 – EP10) The Family Treasure

Ben Leaps into one of three sisters looking for the treasure their father died trying to find.

Synopsis: In Family Treasure, Ben Leaps into one of three sisters looking for the treasure their father died trying to find.


The Story

Ben leaps into one of three sisters who are fighting after the death of their father. To bring them together and get them to be honest with each other about who they are. Ben encourages the other two siblings to go off in search of the lost treasure that their late father was trying to find. When Sarah and Dean narrowly escape being killed by Milton Wells. They finally open up to each other about who they are, which is a great relief for Dean as they do not really feel that they are either male or female and do not feel that their identity is as straightforward as being either or. At this point, Ben interjects and tells Dean about his friend Ian who identifies as non-binary.

Meanwhile, back at Quantum Leap Headquarters Ian is worried about their friend Rachael who has gone missing. As they fear the worst given that Rachel was involved in helping to obtain the Quantum Chip that is used in the new Quantum Leap Operating System that allows Ben to Leap back and forth through time. In short, Ian made a deal with Gideon Rydge to share information about Project Quantum Leap in exchange for the one-of-a-kind chip. But in episode six Ian chose to go back on the deal feeling that they had shared more than enough information, which potentially put Rachel in danger as she was the go-between. But now it looks like some of Ian’s decisions are coming back to haunt him. 


The Acting

We got some great acting performances in this episode. I especially enjoyed the scene in which Dean reveals who they are to their sister Sarah and the sensitive way in which this scene played out. Raymond Lee in his role of Ben is really good when he tells Dean about Ian. Likewise, Wilder Yari who played Dean delivered when it came to how difficult, but how much of a relief that it was for them to be seen for the first time for who they truly are by their sisters.



This was a fun action adventure plot, which ultimately ended up being about family and identity.

Quantum Leap (S1 - EP10) The Family Treasure
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