In Review: Quantum #3

Third issue of the anthology comic book series that is only available in physical stores or via the Time Bomb Comics website.

Description: Issue Three of Quantum also continues all the other stories that were started in the first book. Add to that the introduction of a new strip called The Baker Street Irregulars, which focuses on a secret service that’s older than MI5 and MI6.


The Stories

The various stories in this comic continue to provide a nice mix of entertainment and social commentary. The book opens with part three of Steve Tanner’s Major Rakhana story in which the Major and her concubine barely escaped the space station Gladstone and have made it back to their ship where they must face the music before they can tell the Captain of their findings. Major Rakhana is a fun steampunk adventure that has beautiful visuals.

Westernoir, which is written by Dave West features prominently on this issue’s cover. Moon Cursed part three sees the Werewolves getting a lot more sure of themselves as they hold most of the encampment and their children hostage.

The third chapter of Memphis continues to give us a fun blend of futurism with ancient Egypt as the conspiracy to stop the coronation of a new Pharoh continues to heat up.

Special Operations – The Bakers Street Irregulars is a new strip that focuses on a clandestine government agency that is older than MI5 and MI6 and was set up by none other than Winston Churchill during the Second World War. When a horrible murder takes place at a Museum. The team is called in to investigate.

Whatever Happened to The World’s Fastest Man continues to be a comment on loneliness as the hero of the book continues to use his abilities to save thousands of people from being killed by a bomb.

The final story in the book is part two of Death and Taxes, which sees a private investigator looking into the deaths of a bunch of reanimated corpses in a society where people who fail to pay taxes are reanimated after death and made to work off their debt to the state.


The Artwork

This third issue of Quantum features the best cover art to date in which there are werewolves and lots of them.

For me, the stand-out art in this book continues to come from David Morris for Memphis, Joseph Parangue for Westenoir, and Pete Woods for Major Rakhana. In short, every strip in this book has its own visual style and look, which is one of the reasons it is such good fun to read.



This third issue of Quantum delivers on Entertainment value with some solid artwork throughout. It also delivers a nice mix of stories from the Camp humor of Major Rakhana, which is the most politically correct Carry-On movie you’ll ever get to read. To the rather profound sadness and loneliness of Whatever Happened to The World’s Fastest Man. Also, the new addition of The Bakers Street Irregulars is well worth a look.

My only criticism much as with the previous issues is that I found the lettering for Memphis, Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man and Death and Taxes to be a little on the small side, which made it a little harder to read. An increase in font size might be of help for this issue.


You can get your own copy of Quantum in all good newsagents and comic stores and it is also available to order from the Time Bomb Comics website.

Quantum #3
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