In Review: Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #5

Can P:andora reclaim and open his box?

Synopsis: P:andora is here, the Earth’s armies lay powerless and the mightiest of the Project Superpower heroes are dead. Can P:andora reclaim and open his box? And, if so, what version of apocalypse lies within? Only Imani and The Spirit of the American Flag stands in his way. The last hero…

Review: Dynamite Comics are set to get 2019 off to an epic start with the release of issue 5 of the latest volume of ‘Project Superpowers’.

The Story

The situation is pretty grim. P:andora has laid waste to Earths armies and only the Project Superpowers team stand in his way, but it is going to take the plucky underdogs every ounce of courage they have to even stand a prayer.

This issue puts a lot of focus on Imani who is the new bearer of the Stars and Stripes, which happens to be also where the box is hidden. The issue opens up with a little backstory in which a very young Imani stands up to a bigger kid and comes out of it beaten. Things then go to the present day in which Black Terror and Masquerade along with Scarab and Samson are doing all they can to keep P:andora busy to allow Imani her shot at connecting with the Stars and Stripes Flag.

Rob Williams ratchets the tension up in this issue to 10 and we’re getting left with a huge cliffhanger, which will have readers salivating for more…

The Artwork

Sergio Davila’s art continues to shine throughout this issue and my favorite sequence of panels involves Samson using a very tall skyscraper much like you’d use a baseball bat.


An absolutely fantastic penultimate issue, which pretty much sets things up for what will have to be one hell of a final issue that we’ll get to read next month. I for one can’t wait. I want it NOW!

Project Superpowers Vol. 3 #5
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